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Meet The Team

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Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Marvin K. Braggs, MBA

Marvin, is fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student at California Southern University.  He is a board-certified counselor, driven by a passion for reshaping mental health and well-being through innovative approaches.


Marvin's journey into the realm of mental health began with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Columbia College. Furthering his education, he earned an MBA in Strategic Leadership with a focus on Healthcare Management from the University of Denver. Currently, Marvin is in the final stages of his PsyD at California Southern University, seamlessly merging his business background with a passion for mental health.


Marvin's commitment to mental health was ignited by personal experiences dealing with the challenges of suicide and drug addiction among friends and loved ones. This became the driving force behind his mission to establish a refuge for those seeking solace beyond family circles, grounded in warmth and professionalism.


Marvin's therapeutic approach seamlessly integrates Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Person-Centered Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. His goal is to offer a safe haven for individuals navigating the complexities of a multicultural, stressful, and sometimes traumatic world.


Marvin's dedication extends beyond conventional counseling, creating a secure sanctuary for self-exploration. He incorporates personality tests to assist individuals in understanding their strengths and flaws, aligning their careers with their authentic selves.


Marvin's practice isn't just about providing counseling; it's a personalized journey toward resilience, self-discovery, and a more fulfilling life. He goes the extra mile, incorporating innovative practices to make therapy a transformative experience.

In the pursuit of excellence in psychotherapy, Marvin is supervised by Crystal Gayle, PhD, LSSP as he hones and improves skills with unwavering dedication.


Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Inger Meekins, MS

Inger is a fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student at Capella University. She has 10 years of teaching experience working with all school-age children (PreK-12th Grade). Prior to teaching, Inger worked as a clinical specialist in the juvenile justice system with children and adolescents ages 10-17. In her role as a clinical specialist, Inger provided intensive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills training to the juveniles and their families through a REACH curriculum. Additionally, she provided 24-hour availability to families in case of emergency or crisis situations. She also improved rehabilitation outcomes by developing and implementing individualized treatment plans for juvenile offenders and enhanced facility safety by conducting thorough security checks and addressing potential risks promptly.

Although Inger is passionate about working with children and adolescents, she also enjoys facilitating services for adults. She is passionate about building a strong therapeutic alliance that enables clients to feel secure, vulnerable, and most of all themselves. Inger’s therapeutic approach integrates CBT, person-centered therapy, and client-centered therapy. She believes in a humanistic approach, it is important to emphasize the personal worth of the individual, the centrality of human values, and the creative and active nature of human beings. The humanistic approach integrates person/client-centered therapy by recognizing and trusting human potential, providing clients with empathy and unconditional positive regard to help facilitate change.


Inger is from New Orleans, Louisiana. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Texas College in Tyler Texas. During that time, she received the distinction of honor roll. Additionally, Inger has a master’s degree in criminal justice with a concentration in juvenile justice from Southern University at New Orleans. Currently, Inger is in the final stages of obtaining her doctorate in psychology from Capella University. She has been inducted into The International Honor Society in Psychology (Psi Chi), and in The National Society of Leadership and Success. She also made the president’s list at Capella University: Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Winter 2021 and Winter 2022. Inger is supervised by Crystal Gayle, Ph.D., LSSP.


Administrative Assistant

Sophia Velasquez, B.S.

Sophia Velasquez is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Child Learning and Development. As an Administrative Assistant, she manages the schedules of new clients, produces material for the Gayle Psychology website and LinkedIn, distributes appointment reports to professional providers, and various other administrative duties. 

Sophia aims to obtain a Master's in Counseling, empower young people from marginalized communities, and guide them in overcoming personal and cultural obstacles in an uncertain and ever-changing world. She feels that providing psychological solace at an individual level has a cascading effect on families and societies, fostering compassion and opening doors for constructive change. 

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